Get the Perfect Look for Your Space with Our Various Planter Shapes

When you want to add beauty to your indoor or outdoor space, metal planters growing plants, herbs, and flowers is the way to go. With PlanterCraft’s classic and unique planter shapes, you’re sure to make an extraordinary impression with planters that anchor, complement, and amplify your commercial or residential design.

The Shapes of Our Metal Planters

Whether you want to add raised garden beds to your backyard or need long rectangular planters to enclose an area, we have the planter shapes you want and need. Browse our various profiles below, including hexagon, round, and L-shaped planters.

Not Sure Which Planter Size and Shape is Right For You?

With so many different planter sizes and shapes, it can be hard to narrow down which one is best for your design. To get started, think about how you intend to use the planter. Will you be growing deep-rooted vegetables that need a lot of soil depth? Or will it be a decorative element to flank the entry of your business’s lobby?

Once you figure out its purpose and where you’ll put your planter, it’s easy to choose which shapes and sizes are right for you!

Does Pot Shape and Size Affect Plant Growth?

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When browsing the various planter shapes that PlanterCraft offers, you may wonder if the shape and size matter. The answer is it depends. While the exact shape isn’t a significant factor in how well the plants in your garden planters will perform, it does affect the appearance of your space.

For example, square planter boxes can be artfully arranged inside, line a pathway outside, or mark an entrance. Rectangular planters can elevate a space with clean, sleek lines perfect for planting rows of hedges or flowers.

However, the size of your planter does matter. If you don’t have enough space for the plant’s roots to grow, your plants will get root-bound and not grow to their normal size. It’s important also to select the option for drainage holes when you plan to use our planters for real plants. These holes allow any extra amount of water to drain and help prevent root rot.

Drainage holes aren’t necessary for faux plants indoors, but too small or too big of a planter for the space can make the area confusing and unattractive. Be sure to take it in the planter’s surroundings when choosing which size to purchase.

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For High-Quality Metal Planters in Various Shapes, Choose PlanterCraft!

Whether you’re looking for an L-shaped planter or something more rounded, PlanterCraft has the right product for you! Our high-quality metal planters are made from either durable aluminum or thick-gauge Corten Steel, so you know these are the last planters you’ll ever have to buy. Choose from various planter shapes that complement your space and provide enough room for the roots in your perennial shrubs, lemon tree, or root vegetables to grow. Get started today by shopping for the right planter for you!

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