Available in various colors and standard sizes.
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Ample Rectangle - Aluminum (40 x 16 x 20)

Drainage Holes
  • As a classic piece in any indoor/outdoor design scheme, the ample planter has a rise of 16-24” inches in height and a 1-inch raised base. Perfect for accenting the perimeter of your indoor or outdoor ground space, this modern planter shape works well as a statement piece or secondary design accent.
    Optional drainage holes allow you to customize your piece for indoor or outdoor use. Select your Ample Planter from different sizing options and multiple finishes to handpick the look and feel of your item.
  • The Ample Planter’s technical design features include:


    ⦁ 1-inch raised base
    ⦁ 1/8 inch metal thickness
    ⦁ Optional drainage holes
    ⦁ Available in 6 different sizing options
    The aluminum option offers a lightweight model that’s easy to lift and comes in a variety of different finishes so you can customize the color of your planter.