Available in various colors and standard sizes.
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Xylem Pillar - Aluminum (16 x 16 x 48)

Drainage Holes
  • The Xylem Pillar Planter adds refined style to your indoor and outdoor design spaces. This piece comes in two height options (40” and 48” inches) with a square base. It sits flush against the ground to create simple, elegant lines fit for any modern space. Line your walkways, accent your perimeters, or flank other structural pieces with these minimalist, refined pillar planters.
    Optional drainage holes allow you to customize your piece for indoor or outdoor use. Select your Xylem Pillar Planter from different sizing options and multiple finishes to handpick the look and feel of your item.

  • The Xylem Pillar Planter’s technical design features include:

    ⦁ Straight pillar sides (no taper)
    ⦁ 1/8 inch metal thickness
    ⦁ Optional drainage holes
    ⦁ Available in 2 different sizing options


    The aluminum option offers a lightweight model that’s easy to lift and comes in a variety of different finishes so you can customize the color of your planter.