Aluminum Rectangular Planter
42" High

Add definition to your indoor or outdoor space with these 42″ high rectangular planters made from durable aluminum and powder coated in the color of your choice. Select your size and options now to order!



Ships within 3-4 weeks.

Large orders (8+ Planters), please contact us for an estimated lead time.

Ships within 3-5 weeks.

Large orders (8+ Planters), please contact us for an estimated lead time.

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Aluminum Rectangular Planter Product Information

When you want to make a statement, line a walkway, or define the edges of your garden, a 42″ high rectangular planter is a perfect choice! This large, beautiful planter is made from durable aluminum that we can powder coat to the color of your choice—from sleek black and rustic bronze to clean white or calming gray.

With assorted sizes available, from four feet long by 1.5 feet wide to eight feet long by two feet wide, you are sure to find the right size for you, no matter your space! In addition, you can choose whether you need drainage holes. For plants that need water, drainage holes allow excess water to escape to encourage healthy roots. Drainage holes aren’t necessary if you use your planter as a decorative element or for faux plants.

No matter what you need, this beautiful 42-inch-high rectangular planter has the customization options you want to match your design flawlessly.

One-inch raised base

Available with or without drainage holes

Assorted sizes are available, ranging from four feet long to eight feet long

Ships within three to four weeks

Arrives to you fully assembled

Made from durable aluminum in a color of your choice


Check back here soon for these items! In the meantime, please email us at [email protected] to request cut sheets or specific-size CAD files.

Weight and Thickness

Our 42″ high rectangular planter is made from thick aluminum that is 3/16″ thick. Check the chart below for weights of the various size planters.

Size Thickness Weight
48 x 18 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 122
60 x 18 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 146
72 x 18 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 169
48 x 24 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 137
60 x 24 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 162
72 x 24 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 186
84 x 24 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 211
96 x 24 x 42 3/16" Aluminum 236

Return Eligibility

Return Eligibility Not Eligible for Return

We make all our planters to order; only some are eligible for return up to 30 days from delivery. View the list below to see if yours is suitable for a return. See our complete return policy for more information.

48 x 18 x 42
60 x 18 x 42
72 x 18 x 42
48 x 24 x 42
60 x 24 x 42
72 x 24 x 42
84 x 24 x 42
96 x 24 x 42

Questions and Answers

You have questions, and we have the answers! If you don’t see your question, check out our FAQ page or contact us for more information!


Powder coating is a process where finely ground particles of colored polyesters, acrylics, or polyurethane are given a positive electric charge. It is then dry-sprayed onto metal products, which have been given a negative charge. The positively charged color particles cling to the negatively charged metal. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the metal planter is quickly heated to melt and cure the powder to the metal.


We offer free shipping within the United States, and the product arrives fully assembled. Rest assured, our team will take care of the logistics from A to Z. All you must do is order your 42″ high rectangular planter and figure out the best place to put it. The hardest part of ordering from PlanterCraft is deciding what you’ll plant in your beautiful new planter!



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