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With Corten Steel Rectangular Planters, you will welcome guests and create a comfortable space with sophisticated style and unexpected flair. Define an area, make a statement, or create a focal point that will complement your aesthetic and leave impressions that won’t be forgotten.

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Quality Metal with Vibrant Colors and Precise Finishes

Corten Steel, also known as Weathering Steel, is the popular long-term solution to any backyard or lawn garden around the globe. From busy rooftop bars of New York City, to calm rural gardens of Indiana - Corten Steel fits all projects and environments.

square aluminum planter

Upon Delivery

Arrives directly from the manufacturer to your door in a greyish, unweathered steel color.

1 month of weathering on a corten steel planter

1 Month

Over the first month, You will see the planter developing light, rust patina.

3-6 months of weathering on a corten steel planter

3-6 Months

Over the next few months the planter keeps rusting and continues to develop its beautiful, natural rust color; the duration depends on the weather, climate and exposure.

6-12 months of weathering on a corten steel planter

6-12 Months

Once your planter reaches its full rust color the rust mostly ceases and the planter holds its color for decades to come.

Aluminum is a lightweight, rust-resistant material that will maintain its integrity in a variety of conditions. Available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors, aluminum will complement any design — from living rooms and public parks, to libraries and beer gardens.

steel gauge chart for planters

Quality Design, Quality Craftsmanship

At PlanterCraft, we take pride in delivering high-quality planters that are both functional and aesthetic. Made from 11-gauge steel that's about 1/8-inch thick, our stunning planters are built-to-last. Remember that the higher the gauge, the thinner the material is. So don't waste your time with other 14-gauge, 16-gauge, or thinner planters. Choose only the finest large indoor and outdoor planters from the experts at PlanterCraft.

When you incorporate our large planters, tall planters, or large indoor plant pots into your distinctive design, you're not only making a lasting impression. You're merging artistic expression with exceptional craftsmanship and natural beauty.


What Our Clients Say

As you shop for large outdoor or indoor planters, it's important to us that you know you're getting the highest quality and most remarkable craftsmanship. We think the best way for you to feel that is by hearing from a few of our satisfied customers.


Customers Also Viewed

As you decide which large indoor or outdoor planter is best for your design, you will come across several shapes, metals, and colors on our site. Make sure you're seeing all of your options by looking at the large planters that other customers have viewed.



At PlanterCraft, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, trend-conscious designs fit for the modern world. We understand that style is in the details, and we’ve built our business around the transformative power of a well-chosen architectural piece.

Service Innovation


Meeting the needs and demands of your medium with distinct designs and unique solutions.



Excellence. It’s our standard. Expect quality service, quality fabrication and quality solutions.

Service DESIGN


​We actualize your initial design intent from a real-life fabrication standpoint.



Work alongside our experienced team of project managers and industrial designers to streamline your project.

A home garden using planters on an outdoor raised terrace at a condo, with vegetables and herbs


Once you select those architectural elements, you can rest assured that the large outdoor or indoor planters you buy from us will outlast many aspects of your design. They will enhance, lift, ground, or define your space for years into the future. And the best part? They will accomplish all of that to your high standards.

You can choose from various stock sizes and shapes or custom-design your very own large planters with the help of our in-house specialty craftspeople.

It's time to experience the PlanterCraft difference for yourself. Countless homeowners and business owners with tastes as discerning as yours are enjoying the compliments and prestige that come along with these large planters. Now it's time for you to create your own head-turning, awe-inspiring designs—with large outdoor and indoor planters.


When designing your indoor or outdoor space, consider some things when choosing large planters. We suggest first determining which shape will most effectively enhance, define, or ground your vision.

Large Planter Shapes

Large rectangular indoor and outdoor planters are not only appealingly contemporary and ideal for segmenting spaces, but they also elicit feelings of organization and order, reduce visual chaos, and lend feelings of tranquility and security with their geometric command. Use them to direct foot traffic, define spaces, and add flawless lines that beautify and elongate.

Square planters offer many of the same benefits as rectangular planters; however, they work to draw the eye to critical places within your design. They will designate corners and attract attention to choice areas in your indoor or outdoor space.

If the atmosphere you're creating will benefit from a nod to the feminine, graceful, and curvaceous, we suggest starting with round planters. Round pot planters lend feelings of seamlessness and fluidity to interior and exterior designs. Warmth, comfort, and welcome will be what everyone feels when they enter an indoor or outdoor space complemented by large round plant pots.

The shape of the large planters you choose is entirely up to you. Maybe you'd like to incorporate the sharp geometric organization of a square or rectangle but do so with a corner planter. You can strike a balance between round and square planters with hexagons, or use low planter beds to provide practical solutions with designer flair. Or you can use tall planters to draw the eye upward and add vertical appeal.

Large Planter Metals

Order your large indoor or outdoor planters in either Corten Steel (weathering steel) or aluminum. Both are weather-resistant and built to last.

When kept outdoors, Corten Steel will develop a gorgeous, rust-colored patina that beautifies as time passes. Aluminum is lighter-weight, will resist rust, and is available in various colors.

Other Large Planter Options

You can customize any large planter for indoor use by selecting "Without Drainage Holes" when you order. This feature will ensure that watering runoff won't damage your floors. If you are using your large planters outdoors, we suggest choosing the "With Drainage Holes" option.

Have questions about ordering large outdoor and indoor planters? Contact us with your questions, and we'll be glad to help.

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