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Welcome to PlanterCraft
where a whole new vista of planter options awaits.

At PlanterCraft, we draw on a genuine appreciation for gardening and landscape décor combined with expert know-how in the world of metal design.

The results? Exquisite, long-lasting additions to your space.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our company ideal. It prompted us to model our business essence on providing unbeatable quality, flexible options and outstanding customer support.

You deserve the best

Signature Quality

In an industry teeming with inexpensive, outsourced merchandise, our products stand out for their quality local manufacture. We cut out the middleman and stand on top of every step of production. You receive a product that is quality controlled, from the raw materials through the final design and finish.

Greens add life to any space

Planters add class

Watch the transformation as your exquisite piece becomes the focal point of your indoor or outdoor backdrop.

From modern to rustic, large to mini, you can tailor a planter to your inspiration. With infinite combinations of style, shape, color, and finish, we know you’ll find a piece that fits right in with the ambiance you desire.

Don’t fret, Don’t stress

Here to help

We’ve launched our gorgeous, simple-to-navigate website that allows you to easily envision your final product before it arrives at your doorstep.

But even with our clear-cut purchasing process, we know some projects could use expert guidance. Our team is ready to help you figure out the best fit for your unique space.