We make it easy to order planters to house your growing plants. You can order directly from our website using the shop and cart features, contact us over the phone at 888-692-3000, or email us at sales@plantercraft.com. If you have any inquiries about custom sizes or jobs, please get in touch with us by telephone or email. You may also be able to find the answers to your custom planters FAQ on our custom planters page.

Yes, customer satisfaction is our top priority, so if you have a unique shape or particular size you want for your metal planters, we can work with you! We will manufacture planters in any shape, style, or size to meet your requirements. Although our most popular materials are Corten Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, we can manufacture your custom planter from any metal you require. Please direct custom orders to our phone or email to receive a quote.

Yes! When you place an order for metal planters from PlanterCraft, you can select with or without drainage holes. We know that for real plants, having holes in the bottom of the planter is essential for allowing excess water to drain. This drainage option helps your plant grow healthy and decreases root rot risk.

Yes, we back most of our products with at least a one-year warranty. Unlike other types of planters, like plastic or fiberglass planters, metal ages well and is more long-lasting. Fiberglass and other materials don’t always have the same strength and durability as metal. That’s why you can count on metal planters from PlanterCraft to provide the container needed to keep your plants healthy for years to come.

All planters are made to order. However, you may return eligible items for up to 30 days from delivery. Please see the item description for eligibility on return. For more answers to your planters’ FAQ about returns, see our full return policy.

We understand that sometimes you may need to cancel your order for whatever reason. We will take cancellations on a case-by-case basis and try to accommodate your request. The cancellation approval will depend on where in the manufacturing process the planter is. Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you may want to cancel your order.

Not many things in life are free anymore, but when you order from PlanterCraft, shipping is free within the United States! As you’re getting ready to add our beautiful metal planters outdoors or indoors, you can rest assured that our team will take care of the logistics from A to Z!

Simple projects and standard sizes have a turnaround time of approximately two weeks. For custom orders, factors that affect shipping time must be considered. For example, the project size, complexity, scheduled completion/due date, and other factors can affect how long it takes us to craft your unique planter. Ask your project manager for an estimated completion date.

Yes, our aluminum products come with the option of selecting different powder-coated paint colors. We also offer custom color choices. Whether you’re looking for rustic bronze, sleek black, clean white, or something else, we can help you get the right color options for your plants’ home. Please contact us for a quote.

Powder coating is a process where finely ground particles of colored polyesters, acrylics, or polyurethane are given a positive electric charge. It is then dry-sprayed onto metal products, which have been given a negative charge. The positively charged color particles cling to the negatively charged metal. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the metal planter is quickly heated to melt and cure the powder to the metal.

Powder coating your metal planter allows the color to stay truer for longer compared to liquid paint, which needs to be touched up or repainted every few years. It also makes the planter more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and weather than liquid paint.

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Regarding plant care, gardening enthusiasts know that having the right options for your plant is essential. You take the time to ensure your plants are protected from freezing temperatures, the potting soil and nutrients are just right, and those pesky weeds are pulled regularly. Isn't it time you choose a home for your plants that is as special as they are?

At PlanterCraft, we want to ensure our planters are exactly what you want and need. Now that you've read the answers to our planters' FAQ, you are ready to start shopping for the best planters on the market for your unique exterior or interior designs. Get started today by shopping for your metal planter, or contact us with more questions or to place a custom order.

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