In today’s bustling world, homeowners, landscape designers, architects, and contractors face the daunting task of finding the perfect solution to elevate their outdoor and indoor spaces. The quest for large Corten Steel planters that seamlessly blend inside and outside environments can be challenging, especially when you want wide, large Corten Steel planters that exude timeless elegance and unparalleled durability. Picture the frustration of envisioning a stunning greenery display only to encounter limitations in finding the right planters that meet both size and aesthetic requirements.

This blog post will unravel the art of utilizing extra-large Corten Steel planters inside and outside, providing invaluable insights and creative inspiration. From innovative design concepts to expert tips on optimizing space and enhancing greenery arrangements, you will uncover the transformative potential of these wide planters. Ready to get started? Show now to elevate your surroundings with PlanterCraft’s remarkable selection of large and wide Corten Steel planters.

What Large Corten Planter Options Do You Offer?

When integrating large planters into your surroundings, the options are as diverse as your imagination. Our extensive range of large Corten planters are designed to meet your specific needs and elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer two wide and large Corten Steel planters: one 30-inches wide and one 36-inches wide.

Corten Steel Rectangular Planter 30-Inches Wide

This large Corten Steel planter starts at 48-inches long and 12-inches high and can be made up to 96-inches long and 42-inches high, making it the perfect planter to customize to your space requirements. You can order it with drainage holes for outside use or without drainage holes for indoor masterpieces. The beautiful Corten Steel ages from a gray to a beautiful rust-colored patina, providing a primitive look that looks great in a wide variety of settings.

Corten Steel Rectangular Planter 36-Inches Wide

Like it’s 30-inches wide counterpart, this wider Corten Steel planter starts at 48-inches long and 12-inches high and can be made up to 96-inches long and 42-inches high and can be made with or without drainage holes. These planters can be used for a variety of purposes, with both indoor and outdoor uses. Their wide planter design and beautiful rustic appearance will surely make a statement.

How Can You Use These Large Corten Steel Planters Outdoors?

Imagine defining your property boundaries with a striking display of towering greenery that commands attention and evokes a sense of natural grandeur. Your new large Corten steel planters provide the perfect solution for creating distinctive property lines that exude timeless sophistication. Additionally, these planters offer the opportunity to transform rooftop spaces into captivating gardens, bringing life and tranquility to urban environments. Whether you aim to design a container garden on your patio or inject natural beauty into an urban location, our wide, large Corten steel planters stand ready to fulfill your creative aspirations. With their durable and weather-resistant nature, these planters promise to withstand the test of time while enhancing the aesthetics of their surroundings.

corten steel planters at night

Define Property Boundaries

By strategically placing our large Corten steel planters along property lines, you can effortlessly define and enhance the boundaries of your outdoor space. The distinct rusted patina of the planters adds a touch of rustic elegance while effectively demarcating your property with enduring style. Try using them to create different areas of your outdoor space—like separating your seating area from your kitchen.

Create a Rooftop Garden

For those in an urban setting, adding natural beauty to your surroundings is a peaceful and welcomed relief. Elevate your outdoor environment by utilizing our large Corten steel planters to create a picturesque rooftop garden. These planters provide the ideal foundation for cultivating a thriving oasis in urban settings, offering a seamless blend of natural beauty and contemporary design.

Design Your Own Container Garden

Unleash your creativity by designing your own container garden using our wide, large Corten steel planters. Whether adorning your porch, patio, or outdoor area, these planters serve as versatile canvases for cultivating vibrant displays of greenery, adding a touch of natural allure to any space.

Bring Natural beauty to an Urban Location

Within bustling urban locations, our wide and large Corten steel planters serve as beacons of natural beauty, offering an opportunity to infuse greenery and tranquility into otherwise urban landscapes. These planters provide a harmonious balance, creating an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

How Can You Use These Wide, Large Corten Steel Planters Indoors?

Your wide, large Corten steel planters are not restricted to outdoor spaces. They also hold tremendous potential for transforming interior environments. By integrating these planters indoors, you can seamlessly bring nature into your living or workspaces, imparting a refreshing and calming atmosphere.

Furthermore, the versatility of our planters allows for creative partitioning of large rooms, fostering distinct areas within expansive interiors. Moreover, these planters can serve as captivating focal points in lobbies, presenting an inviting and striking visual appeal.

Bring Nature Indoors

With our wide, large Corten steel planters, you can effortlessly bring the serenity of nature indoors, infusing your living or working spaces with the refreshing presence of greenery. These planters provide an elegant solution for promoting a harmonious connection between the interior environment and the natural world.

Separate Large Rooms into Different Areas

Create functional and aesthetically pleasing divisions within large rooms by utilizing our wide, large Corten steel planters. These planters serve as stylish and practical elements for segmenting expansive spaces, facilitating a sense of organization and purpose within interior environments. We recommend choosing our wide planters that have higher heights for this purpose, so you or your guests don’t trip over them.

Create a Lobby Focal Point

Elevate the ambiance of lobbies and reception areas by incorporating wide, large Corten steel planters as captivating focal points. These planters exude a sense of refinement and tranquility, leaving a lasting impression on visitors while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Transform Your Sunroom into a Greenhouse

Transforming your sunroom into a greenhouse with large Corten Steel planters offers a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces. The durable yet elegant nature of these planters allows you to cultivate a thriving botanical oasis, bringing the tranquility of nature into your home. Whether you envision a lush display of greenery or a vibrant collection of flowering plants, the large Corten Steel planters provide a lasting solution that harmonizes with your vision for a revitalized sunroom-turned-greenhouse.

Create Stunning Indoor or Outdoor Designs with Extra-Large Corten Steel Planters!

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of lacking a solution that seamlessly integrates with both your indoor and outdoor spaces, leaving you yearning for a sense of natural beauty and tranquility, then you’re not alone. The struggle to find large planters that are not only of unbeatable quality but also provide enduring elegance can be truly disheartening.

Throughout this blog post, you’ve gained valuable insights into the versatility and potential of large Corten steel planters. From defining property boundaries to creating captivating rooftop gardens, these wide, large Corten Steel planters offer a transformative solution that resonates with your desire for a lasting, high-quality option. Whether it’s bringing nature indoors or designing a lobby focal point, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

At PlanterCraft, our mission is to provide flexible options and outstanding customer support, ensuring that each large Corten Steel planter represents a bespoke opportunity to elevate your surroundings. As you’re empowered to make the choice that best fits your vision, we invite you to explore our selection and take the first step toward transforming your spaces.

Shop now and seize the opportunity to infuse natural beauty and enduring charm into your environment, taking center stage in creating an atmosphere that reflects your unique style and sophistication. It’s your vision, your space, and your legacy—let our large Corten steel planters be the conduit through which you bring your aspirations to life.