Undoubtedly, the rust-colored patina that develops on Corten Steel planter boxes is strikingly beautiful. This beauty can’t be matched, though some people and manufacturers create products that mimic the Corten Steel effect on planters made from other materials. However, making something look like Corten Steel doesn’t give it the same inherent properties of the actual material.

That’s why you should always choose authentic Corten planters from PlanterCraft! We manufacture weathering steel planters that begin as a gray steel color and transform into a beautiful rustic finish. These high-quality planters come in all shapes and sizes, and no faux Corten-effect planters can match them! Learn more about why you should choose real Corten Steel, then shop now for your next favorite planter!

Why Would You Want to Make Something Look Like Corten Steel?

We can’t say that we would blame someone for wanting a Corten Steel effect on their planters. After all, the unique, rust-colored patina that develops on Corten planters is stunning. It works great in various landscape designs, from rustic to modern. And each piece weathers slightly differently, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Its attractive appearance is just one of the many advantages of using Corten Steel.

But spray painting a Corten Steel effect on planters doesn’t make it Corten Steel. In fact, a painted planter likely will require more maintenance and suffer decreased longevity than if you were to leave it alone. That’s why we recommend only genuine Corten Steel.

What Are the Disadvantages of Fake Corten Steel?

To get a Corten Steel effect on your planters, you will likely need to use rust-colored spray paint. There are many disadvantages to using this product on your planters.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)—Spray paints are notorious for giving off VOCs, which can cause health concerns, such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, and even damage to the kidneys, liver, or central nervous system. They also negatively affect the environment and contribute to the formation of ground-level smog.
  • Touch-Ups—When you paint anything, the paint eventually wears off, especially when exposed to the elements. That means you’ll be left repainting the Corten Steel effect on your planters every few years.
  • Lacks Corten Steel Properties—Just because something looks like Corten Steel doesn’t mean it has the same durability and strength as the real deal. For example, a wood planter painted to look like weathering steel will eventually rot, a fiberglass planter will still be flimsy, and a ceramic planter will easily break.

Why Using Genuine Corten Steel Planters Is Better

No synthetic processing or rust-colored paint beats authentic Corten Steel. You can’t get the same weathering patterns and texture as the real thing. Plus, you miss out on all the amazing benefits of this material when you choose to create a Corten Steel effect on your planters. Some of the benefits of real Corten Steel include:

  • Longevity—Corten steel is made to withstand the elements so that it will last longer than planters made from other materials.
  • Corrosion Resistance—The natural patina that develops on real Corten Steel helps protect it from further oxidation.
  • The Transformation—Corten Steel planter boxes begin as a grayish steel color and eventually transform into a beautiful rust-brown color depending on weather conditions.
  • Durability—Weathering steel has enhanced durability over other types of steel, such as carbon steel. It’s resistant to abrasion and impact, so it won’t easily dent, ding, or scratch.
  • Low Maintenance—Corten Steel is extremely low maintenance, and you won’t ever need to do touch-ups or repaint the piece like you would if you tried to create a Corten Steel effect on your planters.
  • Sustainability—Corten Steel naturally recycles. It can be reused or recycled at the end of its use without losing its strength or durability.

Ways to Use Real Corten Steel in Your Landscape Design

Since you now know that you shouldn’t use a faux Corten Steel effect on your planters, you are probably wondering how to use the real deal in your landscape design. Well, you’re in luck! We have plenty of ideas for you to try!

  • Planters: Our first suggestion is to use our planters anywhere in your landscape. Mix and match sizes and shapes for a cohesive and balanced effect.
  • Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are good for controlling soil erosion and separating different areas of your landscape. Try lining up several rectangular planters to get the same effect!
  • Garden Edging: Our newest products are Corten Steel garden edging! These pieces are perfect for separating flower beds from lawns, lining walkways, and more!
  • Water Bowls: Our round planters are perfect for creating water bowls and adding water features to your landscape. You can even use one of our long rectangular planters to create a fountain wall!
  • Raised Garden Beds: Gardening can be back-breaking work, but not with a raised garden! Our planters can go up to four feet tall, perfect for adding a garden that doesn’t require you to get on your hands and knees.

Ditch Corten Steel Effects for Planters. Get Real Weathering Steel Instead!

By now, you should know that creating a fake Corten-Steel effect on planters is a bad idea. It doesn’t compete with quality Corten Steel from a reputable manufacturer like PlanterCraft. Plus, the top landscape designers prefer real Corten planters, not flimsy, fake spray-painted planters. So, if you want the real deal, shop for high-quality Corten Steel planters from us today!