Whether you think your space is too small, live in an apartment with no yard, or your yard is too large, and you feel overwhelmed with what to do with it, Corten Steel planters can transform your space. Their versatility allows them to blend seamlessly with nearly any garden design. These rusted steel planters give off an industrial appearance or a more rustic one, depending on how you use them.

But if you aren’t sure of the best ways to use these in your small garden or larger outdoor space, you can count on us for the best advice for your landscape design. Check out the ideas listed in this article and then browse the corten steel garden beds available for your home. Buy yours today and create the space of your dreams.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A corten planter box can be used for much more than a raised garden. For example, you can use these planters to define the edges of your backyard, revitalize a bland corner with added color and visual interest, or even create an interesting water feature. Let the beauty of the Corten Steel pots provide inspiration, and come up with some unique garden landscaping ideas for your property.

Backyard Patio Ideas

When you have a backyard patio, the garden patio ideas you can create are endless. You can make a lounge with comfortable garden furniture an oasis in the middle of your garden. Or surround your patio with Corten Steel planter boxes filled with various types of plants, trees, and flowers.

Either way, you can use Corten Steel planters to create your desired design. Add visual interest by choosing planters of different sizes, shapes, and heights. Their longevity makes them ideal for this use, as you can count on these planters withstanding the test of time.

Balcony Garden Ideas

Balcony gardens benefit greatly from Corten Steel planters. They allow you to make the most of limited space and, more importantly, design a dream garden in your outdoor space. Plant perennials to enjoy flowers that bloom year after year. Even a small garden on your balcony can provide a relaxing place to escape the world’s craziness.

Edible Gardening

Edible gardens are some of the most popular gardens there are. This gardening style is most prevalent during the summer, and gardeners will select plants that yield a harvest of food. These edibles can be grown in Corten Steel planters, such as tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beets, potatoes, watermelon, and more.

Whether you want to use Corten Steel planter beds as raised garden beds to grow the plants in the ground, or a large round planter so you don’t have to bend over as far, we have a planter in stock for you. The durability of Corten Steel planter boxes ensures they can stand up against various weather conditions. You can count on this durability to last for years to come.

Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy gardens are small, whimsical gardens designed to look like the home of a fairy. Think small houses, ceramic mushrooms, beautiful rocks, succulents, unique flowers, and more. Corten planters can help you create an even more unique fairy garden, especially if you mix and match the sizes and shapes of the planters.

A bright flower bed in a garden.

Flower Bed Ideas

Using Corten Steel planters in your flower bed garden design contrasts stunning textures. The beautiful rustic finish of Corten planters creates an almost industrial-looking container against the delicate and soft flower blooms. Popular flower garden ideas include rose, tulip, and orchid gardens. But there are thousands of other flowers for you to choose from.

The natural patina developed on Corten materials adds an interesting visual element to your garden design. Various shapes and sizes of these planters, from long rectangular planters to tall tapered ones, can you help create a flower pot design that looks stunning from any angle.

A person uses scissors to snip off some rosemary from an herb garden.

Herb Garden Ideas

Herb gardens have been around for centuries, when people would grow herbs for medicinal purposes. Today, herbs are more often used in cooking. You can grow various herbs for many uses, like using fresh basil in a Caprese salad or sprinkling cilantro on your tacos. And whether you choose to grow these plants for medicinal, food, or both uses, Corten Steel planters are the ideal planting vessel.

Not only is Corten Steel low maintenance, but you can choose to plant herbs in individual cube pots on your patio or deck or a long narrow planter for your windowsill. Since you won’t need to paint the planters ever, they are perfectly suitable for growing herbs.

Indoor Garden Room

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall and no sun, an indoor garden room could be great for your garden plants. This space will allow you to garden year-round and create an indoor vegetable garden, flower garden, or other types of garden designs.

And since Corten Steel planters are more cost-effective than other types of metal planters, require no long-term maintenance, and are popular among garden designers of all types, they are perfect for indoor gardening. Simply plant your flowers or plants in planters, place them in a sunny location, and keep them watered. However, the weathering steel may not change into the deep copper-colored patina as if it were outside.

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These ideas are only a fraction of the types of gardens and ways to use Corten Steel planters in your garden design. You can also use them for your cottage garden, rock garden, therapeutic garden, and so much more! Shop now for the best metal planters and get ready to design your dream garden.