With the right elements, turning outdoor living spaces into welcoming and useful areas for entertaining is simpler than ever! Utilizing large metal planters to introduce visual interest, greenery, and focal points will lend your outdoor entertaining area an inviting, stylish, and practical feel. Crafting an ideal space outside doesn’t have to be challenging.

At PlanterCraft, we offer an extensive array of large metal planters, ranging from timeless designs to modern and contemporary styles that will suit any aesthetic! With many shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes available, you’re sure to find something perfect for your occasion. Keep reading to discover our top tips on incorporating large metal planters in designing a fantastic outdoor entertainment area! Or, if you’re ready to transform your space today with one of our amazing options, contact us now!

Turn Your Space into an Outdoor Living Room

How can you quickly make your outdoor entertainment area more welcoming? Transform your outdoor area into a brand-new living space with large metal planters as the focal point. Pick outdoor furniture that will look good with the planters and encourage the comfort of your guests or clientele.


Selecting the right outdoor furniture is essential to ensure your space is suitable for entertaining. When you start shopping around, consider the size of your space, your desired aesthetic, and how much sun or shade an area will receive. Outdoor furniture withstands many elements that indoor furniture does not, like direct sunlight and other weather conditions. Choose based on what your local weather is like each year!


Turning your patio into an inviting dining space is the perfect way to entertain outdoors. You could craft a dining zone with a coffee table plus incorporate chairs, benches, and even hanging seats in other areas as seating options. For maximum enjoyment throughout those hot summer months, provide plenty of shaded spots, so everyone stays cool while chatting away! Make sure you select comfortable tables, chairs, and cushions that can withstand all weather conditions.


Enhance the comfort and sophistication of your outdoor area with an outdoor rug. The perfect choice for your space should have durable construction and weather-resistant properties. Whether you’re looking to establish seating areas or create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation, these rugs are ideal aesthetic solutions that will make all the difference in transforming any exterior space. An outdoor rug will define the area and provide extra comfort!


To create a more unified look between your outdoor and indoor spaces, consider unifying the two through design elements such as color schemes or similar decor. Introducing potted plants or hanging chairs into these areas can help make the transition smoother and add some visual appeal. With this approach, you’ll be able to link together both of your distinct yet complementary areas effortlessly!


Completing your outdoor area requires the right planters. When selecting plant pots for live plants, opt for ones that are deep enough to permit root growth and ensure they have drainage holes. Large pots can bring depth to a smaller garden, while smaller ones provide an inviting atmosphere to larger spaces. Think of hues, texture, and material when selecting your planters. The rusted patina of Corten steel adds coziness, while the bright silver color of aluminum gives vibrancy to the outdoor entertaining space. Utilize these options for a memorable final touch!

Further, be careful when choosing plants. Consider container gardens with ground cover or herbs if you want minimal maintenance. These beautiful plants can add to the space’s aesthetic without much effort on your part. And if you’re looking for plants without any upkeep, skip the drainage holes entirely and opt for artificial foliage instead.

Add Architectural Elements

If you wish to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor area, there are many architectural features that can do just this. Consider integrating pergolas, arbors, or garden walls for magnificent visual appeal and structure. Refined landscaping options such as symmetrical arrangements of plants and shrubs, hedges, or topiary will give the atmosphere an elegant look.

Upgrade your outdoor space or newly transformed outdoor living room by including other architectural features such as a garden wall, fine gravel, or rustic charm. A garden wall offers structure and privacy, while fine gravel allows for the definition of seating areas. Rustic elements add character to even the smallest gardens or outdoor living spaces!


Planters are an excellent way to add texture and character to your garden. With many sizes, shapes, colors, and styles available today, planters can help you create a layered landscape design or even define seating areas in your outdoor space. Furthermore, they’re perfect for creating greenery walls that provide privacy while adding pops of color!


Transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis with the addition of a water feature! It will add calming background noise to your surroundings, and you may use its unique design as an eye-catching centerpiece. Choose from various sizes and shapes for any area—there is something for everyone! Water features are easily incorporated into existing designs, making them perfect for creating a unified aesthetic.


Lighting can play a significant role in showcasing your container garden and adding to the ambiance of your outdoor space. By illuminating your planters or other outdoor space elements, you can emphasize their beauty and make them stand out even at night. With various types of lighting available, you can find the perfect fit for your design style, whether string lights for a romantic feel, lanterns for a cozy touch, or spotlights to draw attention to specific areas of your outdoor entertaining area.

You can also hide lights in a planter for a subtle yet effective illumination source. However, if you plan to add lighting, ensure you only use the planter for aesthetic purposes. Lighting and water are a dangerous combination if not handled by professionals.


Make a shady spot outdoors into an inviting retreat with just a few decorative touches. Hang up a hanging chair, place soft cushions, and add an outdoor rug to create a cozy seating area. Dress it up further by bringing in plants like ferns or hostas for natural greenery and calming atmosphere.

Landscaping Your Outdoor Space

When sprucing up outdoor living spaces, consider the size and layout. If you have a small space, you might utilize raised beds or a small garden in the outdoor entertaining area design plan to create a more appealing visual while making it appear larger. Include an attractive wall or brick structure around its perimeter to add definition and privacy. Consider adding architecturally pleasing elements such as pergolas or arbors for a particular charm for more extensive areas where large-scale landscaping can occur.


A container garden is a perfect solution for adding natural life to your outdoor space without the commitment of managing an entire garden. With limited space or a desire to create an eye-catching statement piece, container gardens can do it all. When selecting the right plants, choosing those suitable for your region’s climate and sun requirements is essential. Hostas and ferns are low-maintenance options for shady regions, while hydrangeas and azaleas thrive in areas with consistent light exposure. Adding a variety of textures and colors to your container garden will ensure extra appeal.


Adding flowers is a perfect choice when you’re looking for an easy way to create a vibrant atmosphere and bring some life into your outdoor space. Be sure to select those with vibrant colors, and decide if you want flowers that will grow each year without your intervention or if you want the option to change them each year.


When planning your outdoor area, a living wall is a unique addition that will add life to the area, even if it is a small space. Consider your climate and sunlight while selecting plants for this project. Use trellises or mesh to help form a structure so the plants can flourish! The natural greenery of a living wall creates stunning focal points, adding beauty even in small spaces.


Instilling a focal point is essential in any outdoor area to add character and charisma, be it an oversized Corten steel metal planter, magnificent water feature, or awe-inspiring artwork. This element will capture your eye, creating visual allure throughout the space. Be sure to choose something that ties into the aesthetic of your outdoor living area and furthers its design!

Maintaining Outdoor Living Spaces

To guarantee that your outdoor area is stunning for the entire season, you must take proper care of it. Keep the carpet clean, tend to your furniture’s cushions or other needs, and refresh décor as necessary throughout the year. Water and fertilize your garden or plants as needed and trim away overgrowth to keep things neat. If container gardening is more your style, water daily and ensure adequate drainage. With just a bit of maintenance and attention throughout the warmer months of the year, you’ll get to enjoy this beautiful outdoor space you’ve created for years to come!

Are You Ready to Incorporate Outdoor Planters into Your Outdoor Entertaining Area?

Are you looking to add elegant visual appeal to your outdoor entertaining area through the beauty of Corten steel planters with clean, sharp edges? Or perhaps you’re going for a layered look with plants scattered around your space in smaller, visually stunning planters. No matter what type of outdoor entertaining area you are hoping to create, we can help you work a planter into the design. Browse our selection today to get started and instantly up the appeal of any space outside!


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