If your landscape or interior design looks dull at your home or business, adding metal planters may be your solution! These large aluminum or Corten Steel planters can do far more than add a few flowers to your garden. You can use them to create eye-catching statement pieces, design a natural privacy fence, and more!

So, if you want to transform your home or business space with decorative metal planters, look no further! This blog post will explore various innovative ideas for making the most of these versatile and stylish planters, whether arranging multiple planters together, adding pops of color to your yard, or even planting an indoor orchard. Dive into these exciting ideas and let us help you enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. And If you need assistance choosing the best metal pots for decoration, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Arrange Multiple Planters Together

Six-cylinder Corten Steel planters lined in a row with trees growing in them.

Decorative metal planters offer endless possibilities when it comes to arranging them together. Creating a mini-garden vibe by grouping containers can intensify colors and bring life to any corner of your home or garden. Choose from various shapes and sizes to ensure a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement. You can also create themed garden spaces by selecting plants with similar colors, textures, or growth patterns. This variety will help you achieve a cohesive and well-designed outdoor space.

In addition, tall planters can create a grand entrance and tie into the architecture of your house or business. Position them strategically to make a statement, such as on either side of your front door, or define a specific area in your outdoor space. You can also use a tall plant stand indoors to store your umbrellas or canes when you walk in the door.

Experiment with different Corten Steel or aluminum planter shapes, such as square, round, or rectangular, to add visual interest and variety to your arrangements. Remember, the perfect arrangement is just a few planters away!

Create a Privacy Fence

Large outdoor decorative metal wall planters can create a unique and eye-catching privacy fence. By planting tall plants or bushes in these planters, you can effectively block unwanted views while adding an artistic touch to your yard. Choose Corten Steel planters for a beautiful, natural rust color that develops over time or sleek aluminum planters for a clean, modern look.

Not only will this privacy fence provide a functional purpose, but it will also serve as an attractive focal point in your garden. You can easily mix and match different planter styles, materials, and colors to create a truly personalized and distinctive fence. Incorporate climbing plants, vines, or trellises to add height and visual interest to your privacy screen.

Add Pops of Color to Your Yard

Decorative metal planters are perfect for adding vibrant pops of color to your yard. Fill them with colorful flowers, plants, or decorative items to brighten your outdoor space. With various designs and materials available, you can choose planters that complement your existing home decor and garden style. For the most appealing decorative metal flowerpots, consider adding three types of flowers to each of your planters:

  1. The Thriller Plant—This plant will have an eye-catching texture, growth pattern, or color. It will usually grow upright to stand out among the rest of your flowers. A good plant for the thriller plant is a Red Dracaena.
  2. The Filler Plant—The filler plant fills in the space around the thriller plant. You’ll want a busy and low-height plant, such as Pansies.
  3. The Spiller Plant—Now that your metal pots for decoration are most filled, it’s time to add a plant that will cascade over the edge. Choose plants with bold colors or interesting leaves, such as Creeping Jenny.

To create a welcoming atmosphere, consider placing planters with these three flowers along walkways, beside seating areas, or near garden entrances. Don’t forget to experiment with different planter sizes and shapes to create visual interest and make your yard truly stand out. Rotate seasonal plants and accents to keep your outdoor space fresh and inviting throughout the year.

Create a Statement Piece Indoors

Three aluminum planter pots with plants growing inside a business lobby.

Use large decorative metal planters as stunning statement pieces indoors. Select from various materials and designs to create the desired aesthetic for your living room, kitchen, or office. For example, a tall plant stand with a metal indoor plant pot can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

Consider using large planters to house indoor fruit trees like kumquat, peach, or orange, or opt for striking foliage plants such as palms or ferns. These plants look beautiful, provide air-purifying benefits, and improve indoor air quality.

If your business has a large indoor lobby, consider larger metal indoor plant pots placed strategically in the center of the floor of your lobby. Not only will these catch the eye of those passing by, but they also add sophistication and class to your business. These metal pots for decoration also look great as water features on restaurant patios.

Create a Faux Tiered Arrangement

A tiered arrangement of flowerpots can work well in indoor and outdoor spaces. You can create a faux-tiered arrangement with decorative metal planters by combining different heights and sizes. Be sure to plant the taller plants in your largest planter and the shorter ones at the bottom. This visually appealing setup can be used to showcase your favorite plants, flowers, or even decorative items.

By carefully selecting the right combination of planter sizes, materials, and designs, you can create a stunning tiered display that will grab attention and elevate your indoor or outdoor space. Experiment with unconventional elements, such as incorporating sculptures, water features, or lighting, to create a truly unique and eye-catching arrangement.

Plant an Indoor Orchard

Large decorative metal planters are big enough to accommodate indoor fruit trees like lemon, avocado, plum, and apricot. These dwarf fruit trees provide a pleasant aroma and an impressive harvest while enhancing the aesthetics of your indoor spaces. By strategically positioning them, they can create an outdoor feel in various settings such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, or poolside areas. You can add one or two to your office for a fresh, natural appearance.

Creating an indoor orchard with decorative metal planters is an innovative way to bring nature indoors and enjoy the beauty and benefits of fruit trees all year round. These trees will improve air quality and add visual interest and provide fresh, nutritious fruits for you and your family to enjoy.

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Decorative metal planters offer a world of possibilities for enhancing your indoor and outdoor spaces. From creating privacy fences and adding pops of color to your yard to planting an indoor orchard and designing statement pieces, these versatile planters can truly transform your home or garden.

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