Whether you’re a newbie gardener or a seasoned pro, you want high-quality metal planters that can hold anything from tall, beautiful foliage to small, delicate flowers. Don’t settle for the cookie-cutter containers from the big box store that everyone has! Instead, treat yourself and your plants to stunning elegance with PlanterCraft’s plant pots made from two durable, long-lasting planter materials: aluminum or Corten Steel. Get the perfect planter by choosing the material best suited to your needs, space, and taste.

Choose the Metal Planter that Works for You

Whether you choose aluminum for its ability to be powder coated to various colors or Corten Steel to watch it transition from gray to beautiful reddish-brown, you won’t be disappointed in these planter materials from PlanterCraft.

aluminum material sample


Aluminum planters are a good choice for people who value versatility and durability in their planters. This lightweight and rust-resistant material will maintain its shape, color, and structure in various weather conditions—from Seattle’s rainy, cold weather to the hot, sunny days in Miami. You can also get it powder-coated in several colors, including bronze, silver, rust, and more.

corten steel material sample

Corten Steel

Having a Corten Steel planter in your backyard is like watching a magic trick unfold right before your eyes! It arrives at your home in a greyish, unweathered steel color. Over a year or less, depending on weather conditions, it develops into a beautiful rust-colored patina. Whether you’re going for a rustic farmhouse or modern chic, Corten Steel fits well into any landscape design.

Ready to Turn Heads with Beautiful Garden Planters?

No matter which planter materials you choose, you can count on PlanterCraft to supply you with beautiful indoor and outdoor planters, perfect for growing your favorite flower or as an interior design element. Shop now for your ideal planter!

Which Planter Material Should You Choose?

If you’re unsure which of these two natural materials would work best in your exterior or interior design plans, having an idea of some of the advantages and disadvantages of each can be helpful.

For starters, both Corten Steel and aluminum planters are weather-resistant. They can withstand scorching heat, heavy rains, cold temperatures, and strong winds. Both are also low maintenance. But where do they differ? Read below to find out!

Corten Steel Pros & Cons

  • Pro: You get to watch it change from grayish steel to a beautiful rust-colored patina.
  • Pro: Once the rust color develops, it lasts for years.
  • Pro: Available with and without drainage holes.
  • Pro: Won’t rot like wood or crack like fiberglass planters.
  • Con: Heavy, so you may need help moving them if you decide to change your landscape design.
  • Con: If left in direct sunlight, it can quickly scorch your plants, and cause your plants to lose moisture. Try placing them in a shaded area, line the planter with plastic or another planter pot, and be sure to give your plants plenty of fresh water.
Two tall Corten Steel planters with foliage in them against a white brick wall.
An aluminum window box planter with pink and white flowers in them.

Aluminum Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Lightweight, so you can easily change your design year after year.
  • Pro: Ability to choose from a variety of color options.
  • Pro: Available with and without drainage holes.
  • Con: Because metal like aluminum can heat up quickly when exposed to a heat source, like the sun, the soil in your plants will dry out faster than other planter materials. You can put a barrier between the metal and the soil like plastic or another planter pot and place them in a shaded area to avoid scorching. Always give your plants plenty of water daily.

For the Highest Quality Planter Materials, Choose PlanterCraft!

When you’re ready to elevate your indoor or outdoor space with beautiful aluminum or Corten Steel planters, there is no better choice than PlanterCraft. We choose planter materials that will withstand the test of time, no matter the weather conditions. Plus, we put our customers first, so if you need a specific color, shape, size, or even a different material, we can help with customized planters.

Get started today by ordering your set of aluminum and Corten Steel planters from the experts at PlanterCraft!

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